A Hiking Diary of a filmmaker and his dog.


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Kythera - Solo Hiking with my dog

My name is Petros, I’m a filmmaker born & raised in Greece. In 2020, aged 25, I left Athens to come and live in Andros.

Cinematic Hiker is a Hiking Diary of me and my best friend, Noel. 

Noel is a rescued dog taken from the Animal Welfare of Lamia in Greece at the age of 6 months. He was found in the trash and saved by the welfare, but unfortunately due to the high volume of rescues there, he spent his early days stuck in a cage. I decided to adopt him so I can give him a better life.

Honestly, the channel was created mainly for me, so I can look back 20 years from now and reminisce those moments. With that being said, If we can also inspire people to get out and enjoy hiking through these videos, this will also put a smile on our face 🙂

I find solitude when I hike alone. It’s also therapeutic for me as I self reflect and think about life without having the distractions of today’s world.

I want to give Noel the best life possible.

I’ve made the decision to make this project completely independent. That means, no ads, and no sponsorships. All the content is completely free.

And for that, I do really appreciate you considering supporting me by buying a coffee and helping to fund our hiking journey for more years to come.
No hard feelings if you don’t – I hope you keep enjoying the channel. You can always hit me up on Social regarding everything.